Guvera’s launch on Apple TV extends the immersive entertainment platform to TV screens globally.

Gold Coast based Guvera, an award-winning music and entertainment streaming service, has announced its integration with Apple TV, allowing members to stream local and international music through their television sets.

Guvera is one of the first brand-funded music streaming companies to launch on the fourth generation device.

“We’re excited to extend the Guvera app to Apple TV. It’s an exceptional result that provides the same immersive music experience that our fans are used to but with a big screen effect,” said Damien King, Chief Technology Officer at Guvera.

Guvera has a vision to be the world leader of branded entertainment on mobile. It continually seeks to expand its service and availability to new digital media players. “Guvera has always focused on innovation, and we’re thrilled to be one of the first music streaming services on the fourth generation platform,” King added.

The Guvera app, which is also available on the Apple Watch, makes music discovery personal and engaging through its unique brand channels and social feed. The features Guvera members have come to love, including expertly-curated playlists, are now more simple and intuitive than ever on Apple TV.

Guvera on Apple TV is available to Platinum subscribers and can be downloaded on the osTV App Store.

Guvera legally offers free access to millions of songs and content from local Australian and international artists. It is brand-funded with ads are [sic] presented in a non-disruptive way to the listening experience. 30 million songs have been licensed, and coverage is in 20 countries (Argentina, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the US, Venezuela and Vietnam) and growing.

The Guvera music app is on Apple’s app store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon apps.

Source: IT Wire