Guvera’s advertising solutions for brands result in far higher than average click through rates (CTR), according to its Director of Product, Robb Snell.

In Australia, the display benchmarks for medium rectangle ads (MREC) had a CTR of 0.05% – that’s five clicks for every 10,000 ad impressions.[1] Guvera’s MREC ads are much higher at 0.14%, but even more impressive is the CTRs on its native ads.

Native ads on the Guvera app’s home page and social feed have CTRs that are very encouraging for brands. On the Guvera platform, The Good Life Festival native ad for example, had an average CTR of 2.25%. This is 45 times higher than MREC industry rates and nine times higher than campaign averages for native ads. [2] The Good Life ad was, at the time, the highest ranking ad on the Guvera Australia platform.

On Guvera, native ads drive traffic to brand channels, the platform’s unique content marketing solution, which is where brands can host their very own music channel and genuinely engage their customers. Each brand channel has on average six different tiles that are home to branded content, such as playlists, which are in fact the highest performing asset in many brand channels.

“CTRs for playlist tiles within brand channels can in some cases be up to 40 per cent, which is what we might expect from a music streaming platform as people are on the app for this reason in the first place,” says Snell.

Content marketing by itself doesn’t always deliver performance results that brands want to see. This is why Guvera encourages brands to offer more commercial content in their brand channels, for extra engagement opportunities.  These include product carousels, exclusive offers, competitions and other media such as videos and editorial content that’s important to the brand’s message.

“Guvera’s brand channels offer more than music and as a result we also have very high CTRs for tiles that offer editorial content or product carousels. Priceline Pharmacy’s product tile for example, is very popular.

“It’s a sure sign that people are engaging with content.’’

One of Guvera’s latest travel-related brands, G Adventures, has travel and culture features in its brand channel.

“It’s the type of quality editorial content we would expect to read in a travel magazine, all in the G Adventures’ brand channel on the Guvera platform.”

Higher engagement rates explain the general shift towards native advertising. Native ads have no set layout, meaning the publisher is responsible for their style and layout and so they fit seamlessly into a mobile product. In other words, they look like they belong rather than stand out like the typically ugly and often flashing ads people have unfortunately become accustomed to seeing online.

[1] For May 2016,

[2] 2016 report, across all platforms